Solex tv not working Fix

How to fix common errors of the solex tv app. Follow the methods that are listed if you wish to solve the errors.

Solex tv not working

For this first confirm that the connection is working properly and you are connected to internet or not. Sometimes, the error occurs because you might have ended up using the daily high speed data quota. And because of this there is hindrance in the connection. It is better to check and then proceed.

Make sure you are using the latest and the most compatible version of this app. If you have not done so then update it to latest version. The problem might be there because of bad connections and server errors. If you want to avoid this situation you need to download the updated version.

  • Sometimes, it might also happen that the newest version might not work with your Android version. In that case, you have to go for the previous version therefore you’ll not find any problems.

Video Not working error: This error is noticed mainly due to server problems. To resolve this, it is better that you try again after sometime.


The solex tv app is among the best streaming apks that you can use. This will be helping you to watch all the latest and the old content in all genres.