Solex TV for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Download

Since the solextv apk is not available for the ios devices right now, therefore some of the alternatives are mentioned below that you can try using. However you can try installing the solex tv apk on macbook.

Solex TV for ios

Solex TV

Typhoon TV

It is known to be the best alternative of Solex TV. As it has many advanced features that you won’t get in the Solex TV. Let us see some of the features of the app.

  • Typhoon TV APK will be updated regularly. This is in order to make you enjoy the latest features without letting you get bored.
  • All Movies and TV shows are available in HD quality.
  • You get an inbuilt media player and this will be giving you awesome experience.
  • You won’t experience any adds in the app
  • You also get subtitles and these are in over 220 Languages.


TheaterPlus is another alternative for solex tv that you can use to stream TV shows. TheaterPlus has been developed recently and it is popular because you just need to click once and you will be able to stream all your shows and movies.

You will get all the features that you will get in the other streaming apps. It provides you all the Movies, TV shows, Download for offline viewing, and a number of more features:

  • TheaterPlus is popular as One Click app that means that you can stream movies and TV shows just by clicking one time.
  • All the shows are available in HD quality
  • Thearter plus will showcase number of genres.
  • You also get subtitles in more than 220 languages.
  • You get seamless media playback.
  • It is compatible with Chromecast.
  • You can download the content if you want to view it later.


The solex tv is not available for the ios devices for now but will be developed soon. Till then you can enjoy other alternatives.